David Beardsley
Boston, MA
I am a member of the Boston-area cooperative Playwrights' Platform and The Dramatists' Guild of America. I'm eager to collaborate with other playwrights.

David Beardsley is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, New Play Exchange, Playwrights’ Center, and Playwrights’ Platform, a collaborative for Boston-area playwrights and actors. David was a 2018 finalist for the New World Theater’s Masterclass Playwrighting Fellowship. He lives in Boston, MA with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Emma. In addition to playwriting, he has worked as a journalist, book and online editor, and as non-profit executive and board member.


by David Beardsley

June 1593. At the height of her powers as monarch, disturbing dreams, bewildering visions, and inexplicable moments of panic plague England’s Queen Elizabeth. Galvanized by a petition for justice from Grace O’Malley, an aristocratic Irish pirate feared from England to North Africa, the Queen revisits choices she made to retain power. When they meet, two of Europe’s most charismatic women wrestle with questions that remain relevant half a millennium later: What does it take to rule your world? What are the costs?

Production History:

  • Playwrights' Platform, Boston, Reading (2018)
  • AboutFACE Ireland Newvemer New Play Fetival, Dublin, Staged Reading (2018)
3 women, 3 men, 2 gender neutral.
by David Beardsley

Bob, an aspiring writer, is paralyzed artistically and emotionally by fear of failure. Susan, his frustrated wife, needs Bob to commit to something... anything. With their marriage at a crisis point, Pretending explors the psychologically corrosive nature of fear and regret.

Run time: 10 minutes

Production History:

  • 2018 New York Theater Festival
  • (Michael Andersen as Bob, Julia Enos Woods as Susan, Justine Musselman as Alexa/Siri, Directed by Holly M. Wright, Larry Saperstein, Lighting)
  • 2018 Summer Shorts (Owensboro Theater Workshop)
  • (Ray Lowry as Bob, Bethany Galloway as Susan, Maegan Hangan as Alexa, Leigh Ynosencio as Siri, Directed by McCellus Mays and Denise Pearson)
2 women, 1 man.
by David Beardsley

Something True? is a deceptively playful examination of young lovers pushing their relationshp to new levels of intimacy... maybe.

Run time: 10 minutes

2 actors. Not gender specific.
by David Beardsley

Regrets and disappointments find a way of haunting you at the most inopportune times. Doug Sweeney, a journeyman big-league pitcher who never lived up to his potential, learns this inconvenient truth with two outs, the bsaes loaded and a fearsome slugger striding to the plate. If Sigmund Freud had been a sports psychologist, Doug Sweeney might have been his Dora.

4 (2 men, 2 women)


I am pleased to have been named a finalist for the New World Theater's 2018 Masterclass Playwrighting Fellowship.

My short play, Pretending, ran for three nights at the 2018 New York Theater Festival (July 26, July 27 and July 29, Hudson Guild Theater, W. 26th Street , NY, NY ) and at the Theater Workshop of Owensboro's 2018 Summer Shorts festival in Owensboro, Kentucky (July, 21, 28 & 29).