Chaz Mena
Coral Gables, FL
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Chaz is a 2017 “Revolutionary in Residence” at Colonial Williamsburg, VA and commissioned to write a full-length play on Juan de Miralles, America’s 1st Spanish ambassador. He’s recurring as “Vicente Cruz” in Netflix’s hit show, Bloodline. His nationally televised, one-person play Yo Solo… , was distributed by PBS from 2012-14. It won the Freedom Foundation’s “George Washington Honor Medal for Media” and official, Congressional Recognition in 2014. Over 20 years performing at regional theatres of national repute, New York and International. Chaz also produces/co-writes independent films in partnership with Vanguardia Films, San Juan, PR.


by Chaz Mena & developed by Hannah Ryan

Carlos is an 80-year-old Cuban emigre, who is comatose and in the last stages of life. His son Charlie, a composer, is his only caregiver. He is tired and anxious to return to his music. His estranged wife Lima uninvitedly arrives and offers him respite. Lima advocates for Carmen, Charlie’s mother who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s, to be reunited with her husband Carlos. Charlie is adamantly against this citing his mother’s severe dementia.  When Charlie is told that his father’s death is imminent, he finally agrees for his mother to visit.

What results is the disclosure of a tightly-held, family secret.

(In Order of Appearance) CARLOS: 80 years old, a South Florida resident. Emigrated to the U.S. with his wife, Carmen and son, Charlie. CHARLIE: 45 years old, a musician. LIMA: EARLY 40S. Top executive in a mid-sized bank. A NURSE: Double cast as "Carmen.” A dedicated hospice nurse. OSTROFF: Double cast as "Lima.” Eastern European who emigrated to Cuba. CARMEN: 76 years old, a native of Cuba. Emigrated to the U.S. with her husband Carlos and son, Charlie.


Workshop: Experimental Theater Writer's Workshop, 2019

2019, Ascended read at Gables Stage, Coral Gables, Florida.

2019, Ascended given a residency,  Atlantic Arts Center, New Smyrna, Florida.

2018, Ascended read at INTAR Theatre, New York City.

2018, Ascended read at Zoetic Stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami, Florida.