Calley N. Anderson
She, Her, Hers
New York, NY
CALLEY N. ANDERSON is an up-and-coming playwright from Memphis, TN and recent MFA Playwriting graduate from The New School for Drama.

CALLEY N. ANDERSON is a Brooklyn-based playwright from Memphis, Tennessee. Her ten-minute plays have received five festival productions to date (Emerald Theatre Company, TN 2016; Pride Theater at Chandler, VT 2017; Stable Cable Lab Co., NY 2017; InVersion Theatre, NY 2018; Fade to Black Fest, TX 2018). Anderson is a graduate of Davidson College (BA in English, Concentration in Film and Media Studies) and The New School for Drama (MFA in Playwriting). She is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the American Theatre Group PlayLab, a 2020-2021 Dramatists Guild Foundation Fellow, was a finalist for The Civilians R&D Group, a semifinalist for the National Black Theatre’s I AM SOUL Residency, and was recently commissioned by the University of Memphis Dept. of Theatre and Dance. Anderson is also one of eighteen Memphis Hub fellows of the Salzburg Global Seminar's Forum for Young Cultural Innovators and currently serves as a Program Manager for NY Writers Coalition. 



In the world just beyond a mirror's reflection, five co-workers try their best to do their jobs well: be a voice in someone's head and make them happy. But what happens when the world outside the mirror blends with the world inside it?

2m, 3f, | 1 Black, 1 white, 3 race neutral


There's a cultural touchstone in Black America that, if you see another Black person running, you follow without question. But what happens after you've followed? Where do you run? What do you discover? Trick or Treat? gives comedic answers to those questions while highlighting the realities of what it means to be a Black man in America.

4m | 4 Black


Five research study participants gather in a conference room. Their task appears simple and straight-forward: select 10 events from the year 1968 that they feel impacted the nation’s conscious and view of empathy. What transpires is a reflection of what is seen, heard, and missed when history, memory, and living bodies must merge in unflinching ways.

2m, 3f | 1 Black, 2 white, 2 race neutral


Six actors and one narrator take us through a meta-theatrical journey that asks an essential question of August Strindberg's classic: who is Miss Julie? Set in multiple time periods and locations in the United States, The Julies is an attempt to push adaptation further and create more space for questions than interpretations or answers.

3m, 3f, 1 gender neutral | 3 Black, 2 white, 2 race neutral


Does a spark always start a fire, or can it die out? 

In this 10-minute play, two young men engage in a tête-à-tête about truth, self, and love at a lonely airport baggage claim. 

3 M | 3 race neutral


Calley completed a 29-hour reading process for her intended New School for Drama thesis play, The Alligator. The process culminated in a virtual reading on June 15, 2021. 

Following a successful virtual reading in November 2020, Calley returned to the University of Memphis Department of Theatre and Dance for an in-person workshop production of The Story and the Teller, the play the university commissioned her to write in 2020. The two-week workshop process culminated in one live performance for a small, socially distant audience on May 30, 2021. 

Calley has been commissioned by the University of Memphis Department of Theatre and Dance to write a new play with and for their students surrounding Memphis during the 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic and its parallels to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Calley's newest one-act play, Everyone But Us, received a workshop production on the Main Stage at The New School for Drama May 11-12, 2019. 

The Julies received a staged reading during the New School for Drama's Summer Studio Series. It was performed on June 1, 2018 at Arnhold Hall in New York City, NY.