Caitlin Strom-Martin
Cazadero, CA
Caitlin is an actor, director and playwright living in the Bay Area. She

Caitlin is a working actor, director, and playwright living in beautiful Sonoma County, CA with her husband. She loves gardening, bird watching, hiking, eating dessert, and spending time with her dogs and cats. 


by Caitlin Strom-Martin

Ruth and Amy, a mother and daughter on a roadtrip, spend the night in a supposedly haunted hotel, revealing the depths of their relationshsip and the divide between them. TW: Mental health, trauma, anxiety and depression are all discussed at length. Based on real events.

Ruth, the mother: Passive-aggressive, oblivious, but feels she's misunderstood. Amy, the daughter: Suffers from anxiety, depression, and is processing her childhood traumas. Room Service: A hotel employee who's seen it all. Housekeeper: A hotel employee who care-takes the permanent residents.
by Caitlin Strom-Martin

1-Act Play. When Bobby's parents go out of town for the weekend, Bobby convinces his babysitter Rosalind to take him to the haunted mansion that's said to be cursed. 

The Narrator: Knows this story all too well. Rosalind the babysitter: Young, a bit naive, but loves Bobby. Bobby Owens: 7 going on 8, and adventurous and curious child. Sarah Owens: Bobby's nervous mother who has a mysterious past. Ted Owens: Devoted husband and father. Yvonne and Claire Hiver: Two long-dead women rumored to be witches. Sheriff Whitman: Small-town public servant. Mrs. Perkins: A neighbor Tom Wilkins: Town drunk Amy Gray: An unfortunate girl. Jonas Miller: Star quarterback of the high school football team. Millie the cat: A much loved neighborhood feline. Ensemble: Various Hiver men and women, as well as townsfolk, both past and present
by Caitlin Strom-Martin, Lillian Myers, Juliet Noonan-Bivetto, and Laura J. Davies

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, an anxious horror author with a massive case of writers block seeks inspiration and quiet in a local cemetery. Here she encounters 3 manifestations of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, who help fuel her creative fire, and give her the will to carry on. Devised for the theatre, by four professional theatre actresses, and filmed during the pandemic, this play has yet to receive its proper staging. Contains 4 excellent monologues for women/female-identifying actors of all varieties.

Antonia Bloom: An anxious horror author with a massive case of writers block The Maiden: A young woman suffering from a tragic loss. The Mother: A wife and mother visiting her father's grave. The Crone: An older woman coming from the funeral of a friend who died from Covid.