Caitlin Coey
Seattle, WA
Caitlin Coey (she/her) is a queer playwright and poet. Workshop productions of her plays have been put on by Parley Productions.


by Caitlin Coey

Two friends disagree after one experiences street harassment. 

Olivia - 20s, non-binary/woman, any ethnicity Lila - 20s, non-binary/woman, BIPOC
by Caitlin Coey

When Charlotte, Leigh, and Jay Ashton return over Christmas to scatter their mother's ashes and pack up their childhood home, pesky bugs, old grudges, and long-buried family secrets threaten to overwhelm them. Can they band together or will their separate memories of the past tear them apart?

CHARLOTTE ARIADNE ASHTON: early 30s. Any ethnicity*. Leigh and Jay’s older sister and Blaine’s girlfriend. A circus arts performer and teacher who studies the art of flight. LEIGH CALLIOPE ASHTON: early 20s. Any ethnicity*. Jay’s twin. A visual artist. JAY EDYMION ASHTON: early 20s. Leigh’s twin. Any ethnicity*. The peace-maker of the family. BLAINE: Early-mid thirties, any ethnicity. Charlotte’s boyfriend and anchor. A carpenter. NEA: early-mid twenties, any ethnicity. Leigh’s girlfriend. A beginner yoga teacher. JOHN: mid-late fifties, any ethnicity. Natalie Ashton’s former boyfriend. An exterminator.
by Caitlin Coey

High school juniors Liza and Taryn have been best friends since they were twelve, and the intrepid Taryn’s gotten used to leading the way for the cautious Liza. But when they both start dating older boys, Liza says she’s going way too far. Soon, Taryn’s reputation comes under fire at school. Will Liza stick by her? Will her parents?

TARYN ANDERSON: F, sixteen, any ethnicity. Liza’s best friend. A leader. JANET ANDERSON: F, late 30s to early 40s, any ethnicity. A middle school science teacher. Taryn’s Mother, married to Eric. A little bit lost. ERIC ANDERSON: M, late 30s-early 40s, any ethnicity. A financial advisor. Taryn’s Dad, married to Janet. Charming. LIZA HORMAN: F, sixteen, any ethnicity. Taryn’s best friend. Cautious. JOANIE HORMAN (MS. HORMAN): F, mid 40s to early 50s, any ethnicity. Principal of Liza and Taryn’s high school. Caring, but fearful. AUGUST SULLIVAN: M, 18, any ethnicity. Best friends with Silas, crushes on Taryn. Sure of himself. SILAS PIERSON: M, 18, any ethnicity. Best friends with August, crushes on Liza. Racing to catch up.


Careful Girls received a workhsop production by Parley Productions in 2015.

The Language of this World recieved a staged reading by Parley Productions in 2014.

Candy Hearts and Lemonade received a full production at Eclectic Theater's one act play festival in 2016.