Brian Cern
Hugo, MN

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Brian recieved his BA in Theatre from Cardinal Stritch University.  His Minor in Writing reinforced his love of myth  and folklore, which he tries to incorporate whereever he can.

A veteran of community theatres throughout the midwest, Brian added "International" to his resume, when his play "Strings" was chosen for performance in the 2019 InpiraTO Fesival (June, 2019)


by Brian Cern

After a lifetime of pain, an impossible woman from out of a legend demands to have her voice heard, over that of her more famous family.

LUCREZIA “LU” COLLODI Female/Adult- Somewhat bitter, almost sad, and she has been through enough. Clothing serves as armor, must wear gloves. MATT MADUSKA Male/Adult- Young academic, somewhat excitable. Is aware of the fact that he can be naive. As armored as she is, he is as soft.
by Brian Cern

In a time when the universe can’t seem to make up its mind, will one person have the strength to give it a push?

CHRIS: M/ Mid-to-Late Twenties/ A parent, out of their element, but coping. MR JONES: F/ Ageless/ Authority figure. Very Supportive, can be overly friendly. Suit, tie, and in charge.* *Although female, the name is to remain as Mr Jones. Think of “Mr” as a title, rather than a descriptor.
by Brian Cern

Two roomates, freshly out of college, debate their place in a social media driven world. One wants nothing to do with it, the other wants to make it work for him.   

Chris - 22, M - Just starting his first post-college job, strait-laced and hard working. Jason - 22, M - Taking his time, after graduation, to find his place in the world.


My play, Strings, has just gone into production by Little Traverse Civic Theatre in Petoskey, Michigan.  Performances witll be the weekend of November 20th.

My play, Magna Mora, has been chosen as a winner in the 10 Minute play
category in The Chameleon Theatre Circle's 21st Annual New Play Contest.

My play, "Strings," was named a Honorable Mention for Mixing It Up Productions (Hewlett, NY) 2020 Spring Emergining Playwrights' Contest.

My scripts, Magna Mora and Strings, have been chosen for brodcast by #tiny_theatre.   

Performances will be archived, for viewing at a latter date. 

My ten minute play Strings was recently awarded "Best Dramatic 10 Minute Play" for the Avalonia 7 Theatre Festival.  The festival will be held this October in Jacksonville, Florida.