Bill Collings
Ocala, FL


by Bill Collings, 15764 SW 11th Court Road, Ocala, FL 34473. (352) 693-4281

Full-length adult comedy in two acts with an intermission, featuring family conflict, chicanery, and a principal character creating inventive solutions to pressing current problems.

BEDSIDE MANOR CAST of CHARACTERS and SET HARVEY MASTERSON; Married director of Bedside Manor, late 50’s, nearing retirement. MARISA MASTERSON; Wife of Harvey. Unhappy, unsatisfied. Early 50’s. FANCY MASTERSON; Daughter, mid 20’s, ditz. NURSE STRETCHER; Mental health nurse. 40’s. THOMAS MEDICINE; Physician, 50’s, inventor. FRED NISOWN; Pharmacist, 30’s. ROBERT; Janitor, philosopher, on stage puttering from open to close. LISA, NURSE-in-TRAINING; 30s to 40’s, attractive. ABE; Attorney, late 50’s. MILDRED; Resident of Bedside Manor, horny 50’s. PHILOMENA MEDICINE; early 50’s, non-speaking until final scene – then sings one line. ORWELL; Resident of Bedside Manor, unseen voice on house-wide intercom. SET One set, consisting of a Great Room central to psychiatric residential hospital. Upstage right door labeled, “LOBBY.” Other doors stage right to left, “RESIDENTS,” “DIRECTOR,” “LAB,” and “PHARM.” Stage left, a counter angled in front of “PHARM”. Set pieces include, on counter nurse setting including papers and a house ‘phone which can be connected to the intercom, which will then be heard throughout Manor and house, a vacuum cleaner and assorted janitorial tools for Robert, small set of shelves next to “Pharm” with cans and pharmaceutical bottles, nearby waste basket, a legal appearing briefcase with a document of four or more pages, and a kazoo. TIME FRAME Act I, 3 months ago. Act II, 2 months ago. Act III, present.