Beth Bauler
Astoria, NY

Beth Bauler is a playwright based in New York. Originally from Southern California, Beth moved to San Francisco to study playwriting and visual arts at San Francisco State University, where she received a B.A. in Creative Writing and Photography.

Beth has worked for various art, publishing, and non-profit organizations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Her written work has been previously been produced at TÆPPEFAL for Vildskud Teaterfestival 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark and developed at Primary Stages in New York, NY.


by Beth Bauler

Gallery Girls is a play about four women working at an art gallery, each at different stages in their careers and lives. Gallery workers Denise (Associate Director), Cheryle (Gallery Manager), and Adelita (Intern) constantly vie for favor from Miriam (Gallery Owner/ Director) while struggling to make the gallery a profitable business that can remain open amidst San Francisco’s rising rent costs.

When an important artwork is damaged days before the opening of an exhibition featuring an up and coming artist, the four women are at odds on how best to handle the situation. Miriam and Cheryle are intent on not telling the gallery’s insurance company or the artist what has happened. Denise and Adelita press them for transparency, but ultimately go with Miriam and Cheryle's plans. However, when it comes to light that the artist is a sexual assaulter, Adelita finds herself at a cross roads between taking a stand to do what she feels is right, or staying silent to maintain her career in the visual arts. 

Full-length play. Runs about 90 minutes. 4 female actors, diverse casting.

ADELITA, Latinx woman, 20 years old. Gallery Intern. CHERYLE, Asian American woman in her early-mid 30’s. Gallery Manager. DENISE, African American woman in her 40’s. Associate Director. MIRIAM, any race, woman in her 50’s-60’s. Owner and Director of the gallery.