Avery Sharpe
Avery is a playwright based in Atlanta, GA who is committed to telling stories that are as real and messy as they are in life.


by Avery Sharpe

Woke is a story that follows two best friends named Jesse Blanche and Adrian Strong who are making the rocky transition from high school to college. Jesse is white and Adrian is black, but their different backgrounds have never stopped them from loving each other like family. In fact, Adrian is simply counted as another Blanche family member. However, after the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile happen within just hours of each other, it becomes an arduous task for Jesse and Adrian to reconcile their conflicting world viewpoints and endangers the very fibers of their friendship. From exploring the quirks of young romance with their childhood sweethearts to navigating the intricacies of intersectionality, we watch as Jesse and Adrian fight to sustain their confused and waning friendship. That is, until a New Year’s Eve incident befalls them and changes both of their lives forever. Through friendship, romance, family, and freestyle rap, Jesse and Adrian comically and painstakingly learn what it truly means to be woke.

Jesse Blanche--A young white man of 17-19 years old. Has an incredible amount of charm. Smart and knows it. Adrian Strong--A young black man of 17-19 years old. Thoughtful and passionate. Has underlying swag. Martha Blanche-- Jesse’s mother. Overly affectionate and full of energy. Frank Blanche--Jesse’s father. Something about him says “all-American”. Tanisha McCoy--A young black woman of 17-19 years old. Genuine and undeniably the finale of a fireworks show. Natasha Boyd--A young black woman of 17-19 years old. Outrageously sweet. Has an aura that is calming with a dash of sass.