Anna Agniel
she, her, hers
St. Louis, Missouri
Anna is a playwright, actor, and story coach. She has written full length and solo shows and now coaches other people how to tell their stories

Anna Agniel Bushlack is an actor, playwright, and story coach. She gained a BFA in Theatre Studies and playwriting from the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University. She created her solo show, Slow Children Playing, and toured it to theater festivals in Chicago, Cincinnati (Producer’s Pick of the Fringe Award), New York City and Los Angeles.  In 2019 she launched her own business, Storiespeak, to coach other people in telling their stories through writing, storytelling and solo performance. In 2020, Anna wrote a new full-length play, Below Time, that she workshopped with Fair Assembly theatre company in Dallas, TX. Anna lives in St. Louis with her husband and three lively, creative children who all love to tell stories.

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by Anna Agniel

The United States’ electrical grid has been attacked leaving the country without power. A young journalist in Chicago receives a transponder from her father that can ensure safe passage to a luxury condo bunker in Kansas. She must solidify her interracial romantic relationship while reckoning with her father, her past, and the societal aftermath of the blackout both on the surface and underground.

KATE DELANEY STITCH – a journalist, an only child, a skeptic, mid-late 20s, white woman FELIX FISHER – an activist, a community organizer, an optimist, mid-late 20s, black man OLIVER STITCH – a CEO, a father, a pragmatist, 50s, white man SIMONE STRANGE– an innovator, a cougar, an opportunist, 60s, any race woman CLAUDE SMITH– a retired notary, a capitalist, a delusional hermit, 70s, any race man SAGE – an horologist, a peacemaker, a visionary, 40s, black gender nonconforming person LARRY HALL – an architect, a salesman, a conspiracy theorist, 60s, white man MARILYN WILLIAMS– an executive assistant, an aunt, a loyalist, 80s, white woman
by Anna Agniel

Anna's sister, Mary Kate is developmentally delayed and had her first psychotic break at the age of 15, when Anna was 17. Agniel brings Mary Kate to life onstage via intense attention to detail—creating distinct rhythms of stilted speech, holding her head and limbs at particular angles for particular types of activities, and dozens of other nuances. By simply letting us get to know her sister intimately as a specific human being—someone who's direct; deeply feeling; perpetually frustrated with her dog; and who balances her frequent confusion with a pure joy for being alive—Agniel forces us to see past labels and love Mary Kate, too.

Anna Mary Kate
by Anna Agniel

In 1968, a Vietnam soldier returns home from the war expecting to find relief and peace. Life with his family is tense, and he is plagued by anxiety, paranoia, and PTSD. His teenage son protests the war while his young daughter telekinetic. 



2005 - Producer's Pick of the Fringe, Cincinnati Fringe Festival

2005 - Three and a half stars! FringeNYC Review, New York International Fringe Festival