Angela Taylor(Mz Breezy)
A multi-talented community activist committed to uplifting the community through the arts, Angela Taylor is the founder of Wings Lifted Productions.

A multi-talented community activist committed to ending youth violence through the arts, Angela Taylor is the founder of Wings Lifted Productions.

Writing short stories since she was 9 years old, Ms. Taylor has evolved into a dynamic performing artist, songwriter, visual artist, playwright and screenwriter.

Angela’s natural writing gift has allowed her to entertain a global audience from New York to Germany, as her writing reflects experience she has lived, or witnessed and tells stories which need to be heard. She writes what she knows.

Angela shares her gifts as a way of healing herself and others. She has experienced homelessness as a child and as an adult. She has witnessed and been the victim of domestic violence in her home. Following the wrong path and becoming involved in the “street life”, Taylor dropped out of high school. Her gritty realism is authentic and allows her to connect with others.
She involves local youth with the production of her plays and music performed at churches, community centers, theatres, events and venues to encourage them to choose a different path and speaks life into the homeless by sharing her journey, giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Ms. Taylor is now a stop the violence advocate through her music, which includes an album entitled Wingslifted, and singles: Free Your Mind (released on YouTube on June14, 2020), Truth, Afro Swag, the Women Who Rock Nashville Theme Song, and Salon Life. Her theatrical productions include Let them Shine I and II, God Gave Me Christmas I and II, Shadow of an Eye, I See You (short skit), and I Shall Not Be Moved. Angela spread her wings as a screenwriter with the film version of Shadow of an Eye.

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