Allan Bates
Tangier, IN


by Allan Bates


Vincent van Gogh has fled from cold, impersonal Paris to Arles, in the warm South of France.  He finds heat and color to inspire his painting to new levels of greatness.  He searches eagerly for acceptance of his art, for models to paint, for friendship—even for love—from his neighbors, and he attempts feverishly to found a "Studio in the South" where a community of artists will join him in creative harmony.



Paul Gauguin arrives, broke, hungry, needing lodging, needing acknowledgement of the genius of his art.  Vincent welcomes Paul ecstatically as "the master"; but their visions, their personalities, are too strongly contrary.  They clash.  Paul destroys Vincent's dream of the Studio…and almost destroys Vincent.  And yet, out of the havoc in Vincent's life, we see him create many of his greatest masterpieces.

Vincent van Gogh Paul Gauguin Rachel---the prostitute to whom Vincent gave the piece of his ear Joseph Roulin--postmaster, friend to Vincent, subject of Vincent's portraits Mme Ginoux--Vincent's landlady