Alex Goodale
she, her, hers
Los Angeles, CA
playwright & producer

Born in LA, written a few plays, won a couple things, directed a few things, produced a festival, now a creative director and producer for a nonprofit theater company based in Los Angeles.


by Alex Goodale

A stranded island, a gut ripping disease that only kills boys, and some love.

Bean, J, Matthew, Tony, Wilson, May, Marcy, and Zach
by Alex Goodale

Nature documentaries, video games, duck hunting, and lying about having breast cancer.

Jarvin, Wriley, Bellie, Adrian, Cassadey-Lee BrownMarten
by Alex Goodale

Magic tricks, body dysmorphia, and abortions.

Jimmy Weisz, Efton, "Ball Boy", Teacher, Elliott

Day dreams, pet stores, broken televisions, meat, and falling in love with someone half your age.

Ms. Greenfield, Robbie, Allan, Raoula, Doctor, Vincent, Suzie D, and some store workers.


Founded a nonprofit theater company called Off-Stage Works Summer of 2019.

Produced August Fest, a new works festival Summer of 2019.

Wrote, directed, and produced my first original full length play at a small theater in North Hollywood in Fall of 2018.

Won the National Young Playwright's Festival in 2018. Had an original play produced in Hollywood.