Wrestling Buffalo

WRESTLING BUFFALO is a dark comedy set in present day Buffalo, New York and examines the baffling process of creating and defining family. When Harold Lewinter dies, one emotionally-estranged family comes face to face with decisions about what it means to be part of a family. Harold’s wife, and matriarch of the family, Robin Lewinter, has not been handling Harold’s death too well. She has plastered pictures of Harold all over her house covering nearly every inch of wall space. When her son, RJ, returns home from his honeymoon with his wife Bobbie to help his mother put the pieces back together, strange family dynamics reveal themselves. RJ and Bobbie (a jiu-jitsu fanatic) struggle to keep their careers and marriage together with the ever- present and overbearing Robin who is both head of household and now CEO of Lewinter Sun Tan Lotion Company. Meanwhile, Jonathan Lewinter, Harold’s younger brother and co-founder of the company, is growing more conflicted with Robin’s domination over the family as well as with his relationship with his girlfriend, Lucy, who wants to take their relationship to the next level. Everyone struggles for happiness in their relationships and chaos ensues at the family sun tan lotion business while life at home becomes impossible.

4W, 2M