A "SNOOP SPOOF" - SHERIFF ANDY and DEPUTY BARNEY "Community Law Enforcement Belly Dance"

“Snoop Spoofs” are 10-15:00 minute comedic plays which may be produced separately or combined into an hour + evening of hilarity. Snoops spoofed are: Stephanie Peach: “The Jersi Hotties”, Joe Friday – Dragnet: “The Beaver Cleaver Hanratty Skip”, Hercule Poiriot: “Lunch With The Spider Woman”, Nick DeFalco, P.I.: “The Goddess In Green Satin”, Inspector Clouseau: “Relax and Wax”, and Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney: “Community Policing Belly Dance”. The sketches are woven together with black-out parodies of the “Rockford Files”-style telephone answering machine messages. The plays are written for two men and two women with doubling.

SYNOPSIS:  MAYBERRY law enforcement is like ALL law enforcement, only smaller. This dramatizes a conversation between our Quick Thinking-DEPUTY BARNEY-SELF and our “slower-thinking”* SHERIFF ANDY SELF on the topic of policing, immigrants, suspected terrorists and belly dancing. AUNT BEA is being taught belly dancing by FAWZIA a recent Mayberry-ite at a community program.

*Characterizations based on “THINKING FAST THINKING SLOW” by Daniel Kahneman, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, NY, 2011. Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for Economics

Jean W. Yeager