A "SNOOP SPOOF" - HERCULE POIROT - "Lunch With Spider Woman."

"Snoop Spoofs” are 10 - 15:00 minute comedic plays which may be produced separately or combined into an hour + evening of hilarity. The plays are written for two men and two women with doubling.

"Snoops" spoofed are: Stephanie Peach: “The Jersi Hotties”, Joe Friday – Dragnet: “The Beaver Cleaver Hanratty Truancy”, Hercule Poiriot: “Lunch With The Spider Woman”, Nick DeFalco, P.I.: “The Goddess In Green Satin”, Inspector Clouseau: “Relax and Wax”., Charlie's Angels: "Eldercare Bikini Wax Job", Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney: "Community Policing Belly Dance". The sketches may be woven together with black-out parodies of the Rockford Files telephone answering machine messages.

SYNOPSIS: HERCULE POIROT, on assignment from the London, England Police Department; investigates Mrs. ARACHNIDA, a human-sized Spider-Woman from France who has woven her husband into a gigantic egg sac and is about to turn him into soup in order to feed the 50 hatchlings also growing in the sac. Surprisingly, Perot cannot intervene because “it’s “nature’s way”: many species eat one another, including politicians. He doubts that Spider-Woman would be charged because there is so little “really authentic French cooking in London.”

HERCULE POIROT - A stout middle-aged man, curled mustache, brown suit, vest, hair parted in the middle, and a bowler hat. LANDLADY - Middle-aged English landlady with Cockney accent MADAME ARACHNIDA (Spider-Woman) - A “Spider-Woman” costume with 3 brightly colored (but highly poisonous) boas around her neck, and a bright red back-pack which is her exoskeleton. EGG SAC / MONSIEUR ARACHNIDA (O.S.) - We only see a pair of shoes, a bit of a hat, a few fingers, a colorful boa, of the gentleman sitting in a recliner. Monsieur Arachnida and the chair are totally encased in a gigantic egg shaped ovoid form comprised of a bright white fabric.
Jean W. Yeager