Smiles From God

Chauncey a Wilmington Delaware native, vicious factory thug boss AND adamant idolizer of ancient mythology, traps Rico, an artist in name only, of stealing value-less fluorescent tubing. As Rico faces his final moment of truth, he flashbacks through his life. As he bears witness and participates in the various stations of his life, he sees what kept him anchored to a city that never matched his yearning for mental, or physical adventures. Never a great artist, Rico’s held onto one, single idea that’s continually fascinated him. An evolutionary question of Darwinian proportions. A question Rico re-interprets into a quasi-fantastical spiritual inquiry: As the world was first being formed, as organisms evolved, “Why did life begin?” Was it based on something un-scientific? Perhaps an emotional stimulus? A yearning from above? Perhaps it was a calling from God? Rico never couples his idea with any real decisive action, and he never became, that most magical of creatures--- “special”. However, his idea does becomes very special, it’s turned into a performance piece/play that has a national audience. Unfortunately, Rico’s work is launched without his knowledge or consent.

As Rico reviews the baggage that kept him anchored in Wilmington, Chauncey, who’s (seemingly) only interest was solving the theft of his fluorescent tubing, reveals that the sabotage of the one thing that made Rico unique---was conducted by none other than Chauncey himself. What was the intention of Chauncey’s involvement? And, what is the greater deed: the artist who creates the work, or the person who takes the work and makes it known?

“Smiles from God” is about the loss of a life that never began, and for Rico it’s a cruel mythology that finally comes full circle. 

There are 8 Characters total. 6 males. 2 females. 1 adolescent (or very young looking teenager). The 4 Miscellaneous roles can be doubled by the 2 females from the Main Cast. Rico...................factory worker Chauncey..................factory mob boss Little Russ............little boy (12-13) who grew up to be Chauncey Zach’s pal who became an intimate friend of Rico pal who became union boss at the factory Susan..............Rico’s lover, aka Kitty Eddie/Freddie/Teddie..................Chauncey’s union thugs Miscellaneous Bartender/DramaTeacher/Teacher/College President............ (the roles of Bartender/Drama Teacher can be doubled by Zach’s Wife, the roles of Teacher, and College President are doubled by Teddie)
Alonzo D. LaMont