Six Autumns on the Hudson

Susie M. Barstow and Edith Wilkinson Cook, two very different painters of the Hudson school -- and fast friends -- take a canoe trip to Pollopel (soon to be Bannerman) Island every Autumn from 1858 to 1902.* What will they discover about themselves -- and about each other -- over long years of friendship, art, and paddling through rough water towards the reward of the elusive island?

Susie M Barstow (20s-60s, She/her) painter of the Hudson School. Brash, adventurous, covers insecurity and restlessness with bravado; outdoorsy; athletic; imaginative. A prolific artist. ; Edith Wilkinson Cook (20s-60s, She/her) painter of the Hudson School. Introspective, empathetic, deeply loving; shy outside of her relationship with Susie; gentle, but ultimately not without backbone. *While the play is inspired by two real women and their friendship, this is a work of historical fiction, and some creative license has been taken.
Laurel Andersen