CLAIRE, a young woman ostracized from her village is unceremoniously dumped on the edge of LENA's arid field which straddles long-contested boundaries. LENA begrudgingly takes her in and disruptor Claire soon has her eye on LENA's boy, AUGUST, who is sent out to work for the women in town who have all lost their men to the long-standing war. Secrets, hidden motives and survival tactics are held long after their benefits have expired as the two women vie for the soul of the young man whose own secrets are forced into relief and call for action.

Lena, a woman of indeterminate age, somewhere between forty and sixty; burnt and old from too much sun and toil. A deep reservoir of stubborn strength and a survivor's sense of humor - wily, irascible and capricious - accompany her. CLAIRE, a young woman, early to mid twenties, recently ostracized from her town for fraternizing with the enemy. Divides her life into two categories, lucky and unlucky; takes what comes. AUGUST, a boy caught between youth and manhood. Large, muscular and handsome. In contrast to rawboned LENA, he looks amazingly well-nourished for his mean circumstances.
Nora Douglass

What Would Abe Do? By Nora Douglass