Bob, an aspiring writer, is paralyzed artistically and emotionally by fear of failure. Susan, his frustrated wife, needs Bob to commit to something... anything. With their marriage at a crisis point, Pretending explors the psychologically corrosive nature of fear and regret.

Run time: 10 minutes

Production History:

  • 2018 New York Theater Festival
  • (Michael Andersen as Bob, Julia Enos Woods as Susan, Justine Musselman as Alexa/Siri, Directed by Holly M. Wright, Larry Saperstein, Lighting)
  • 2018 Summer Shorts (Owensboro Theater Workshop)
  • (Ray Lowry as Bob, Bethany Galloway as Susan, Maegan Hangan as Alexa, Leigh Ynosencio as Siri, Directed by McCellus Mays and Denise Pearson)
2 women, 1 man.
David Beardsley

Pretending NY Theater Festival