Night at the Davis Library, The Big Bad Wolf, Robin Hood & Goldie Locks Vs. The People


Night at the Davis Library is a witty and comedic one act play suitable for a large elementary through high school aged cast. It tells the story of the mischievous, Janet, who gets locked in the library after school and finds herself in the Village of Books! We follow Janet and a dizzying mixture of our favorite fairy tale characters as they try to make sense of some odd (and naughty) things that have been happening lately. Will the Big Bad Wolf, Goldie Locks and Robin Hood get away with their crimes? Can Judge Aladdin figure out what to do? What will happen to Janet since she knows too much? What power is there in having read ALL the stories? Let us find out as we follow Alice and the Gingerbread Man down the rabbit hole!

Some of your favorite childhood characters play a role in this playbook!
Peter Pan
Big Bad Wolf
Robin Hood
Goldie Locks
Sleeping Beauty
Little Red Riding Hood
King Midas
Cat in the Hat
Gingerbread Man & More!

8 Scenes
4 Dances
39 Pages
For grades 3-12
30+ Characters for a large scale school production!
Also performed as a fun classroom read!

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Sharece M. Sellem