A commission from History Theatre in St. Paul, MR HEMINGWAY addresses the famous author's final days as he struggles to remember Paris while facing electroshock therapy at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

This play calls for five actors, with four potential cases of doubling. HEM MARY HOTCH HADLEY SCOTT HOUSEWIFE A STRANGER NURSE DR. ROME FIGURES A writer 61 His fourth wife 52 His pal 40 His first wife, in memory 30s His rival, in memory 20s An Idahoan, doubled by HADLEY 30s A fan of Hemingway's, doubled by FITZ 20s A nurse at the Mayo Clinic, doubled by HADLEY 30s A doctor at the Mayo Clinic, doubled by FITZ 50s In masks Cast to your vision. Gender and race are flexible, as are doubled roles.