Morning People

MORNING PEOPLE is set in 2011 when the effects of the 2008 housing market crisis was still obliterating the American Dream of homeownership due to predatory lending practices, a time when The 99 Percenters were still painting their protest signs, and a time when the epic tales of Seal Team 6 – the Bin Laden kill squad – were still the dreams of little boys and little men. And it was also a time when a brand new eHarmony couple traversed the booby traps of married life while nesting in their “cookie-cutter” single-family home on Buttercup Lane in Escondido, California. Luther Martinez, a doomsday prepper by hobby and trade, and Brenda Martinez, a kindergarten teacher and closeted Shakespearean actress, struggle with planning and preparing for the unknown and their first child. But when an unanticipated danger comes knocking, they will need to reexamine their life together after the fallout to try to hold on to their American dream and each other.

1W, 1M