Monsters of the American Cinema

When his husband dies, Remy Washington finds himself both the owner of an old drive-in movie theater in Santee, California that specializes in creature features and sharing a trailer with his late husband’s 16-year-old son, "Pup." Remy and Pup have developed a warm and loving familial chemistry but their relationship fractures when Remy learns Pup and his friends have been bullying a gay teen at school. Told through skit and duologue, “Monsters of the American Cinema” is an award-winning tale about fathers and sons, ghosts and monsters that the San Diego Union-Tribune calls "touching and funny", "honest" and "engaging".

"Monsters of the American Cinema" was recently added as a reading and study assignment for Carnegie Mellon University's Fall 2019 dramatic writing course, "Playwriting: Writing a Multicultural World".

One Black male, 30s. One white male, teens.
Christian St. Croix

SD Fringe Preview: 'Monsters of the American Cinema'