Masters of Spin

Scott, Johnson & Vickers, a small public relations firm (4 employees, all African-American) has just won a prestigious award.  However, success soon takes a misstep. Cleopatra Scott, the firm’s CEO, volunteers to launch a series of Public Service Announcements for Douglass College, a historically black local college. Unfortunately, D’Acosta Johnson, the firm’s Admin. Assistant, included  inflammatory language in the flyers advertising the PSA’s. The flyer announces that the criteria for the PSA auditions revolve around certain “hair requirements.” The irony is made more pronounced by the fact that D’Acosta, the young African-American woman who composed and circulated the flyer, is currently a student at Douglass, and Cleopatra is an esteemed alumni who’s also African-American

            How does a small firm of “Spin Specialists” unravel their wrongly miscalculated deed? As Cleopatra starts the process of examination, she finds a hornet’s nest of racial myth and madness that includes a very personal level of outrage. Cleopatra’s indignation is matched by D’Acosta Johnson’s more “modern” racial ethos. D’Acosta believes that, far from being controversial, her actions were entirely pragmatic.  As everyone’s reactions are investigated and questioned, we see a conflict that extends across generational as well as racial boundaries. Ultimately, the Master’s Of Spin must find a new direction and heal internal and external wounds.

There are 5 total cast members. 4 work at the The PR FIRM of Scott, Johnson and Vickers: Cleopatra Scott... .....................mid-40’s blk. female success story. Dark-skinned. Attractive. Essence Cover Girl material. Wears her hair in a gorgeously designed high African turban/wrap. Statuesque. Well-polished contemporary nobility. President of the Firm. Reginald Johnson, II.. .................mid-40’s, sophisticated, blk. urban professional. Dark-skinned and attractive. Cover Boy material. Very much the bachelor. Vice President of the Firm. Jabari Foster Vickers.. ..........20 something, sophisticated blk. administrative assistant w/aspirations. Light-skinned and attractive. The Consultant for the Firm. D’Acosta Amari Johnson. intern w/aspirations. Medium brown with long pretty braids that may or may not be genuine. Waiter/Server/Bartender. ...........can be played by either a male or a female. Early 20’s. Sharp. Professional. Stylish.
Alonzo D. LaMont