“A face touched by God.” Samuel Holden is by all accounts, a spectacularly beautiful child. His parents, school administrators, therapists and lawyers fighting about the best way to treat his autism all agree on that. And practically nothing else.

His father Rob will do anything necessary – anything -- to get Samuel into a private school with a years-long waiting list. For his mother Megan, the answer is a relatively new therapy patented by a charismatic doctor. As these increasingly desperate efforts take them in different directions, their marriage -- and their relationship with their son -- hang in the balance.

MEGAN HOLDEN: Mid 30s. Caucasian. ROB HOLDEN: Mid 30s, Megan’s husband, Caucasian. JULIA: Mid 30s, professional. SILVERMAN: 40s, may be short. REGINA: 30s/40s, Latino or African American. Also plays PARENT #1. EPHRAIM: Early 20s. Also plays PARENT #2.
James Christy