Intuitive Leap

WHY I LIKE IT.  Drama Editor JANET EHRLICH COLSON writes for the March 2021 issue of Fleas on the Dog (

Barbara Yoshida’s INTUITIVE LEAP is a play that leaps across boundaries from theatre to performance art and blurs the edges of both. It’s wildly risky and marvelously weird with the middle-aged WOMAN-AS-HARE in a bunny mask confronting a masculine yet socially awkward MANNY. And did I mention that WOMAN-AS-HARE is buckass naked? THE ENTIRE TIME? That’s commitment! Here we are looking at masks as the very tools of social distancing, but the mask in this play takes us back to our shamanic roots and allows for the transformation of the symbolic into a living and breathing effigy in the form of WOMAN-AS-HARE. Behind the mask lies a feminine/Jungian/Dickensian rabbit hole of insights about our relationships and our humanity. Evidently, MANNY has summoned WOMAN-AS-HARE from the bowels of his psyche to teach him some of life’s most difficult lessons. WOMAN-AS-HARE doesn’t have to do it alone, however. There’s a disembodied PRIEST and some vocal cows ready to jump into the mix. Add some shadow puppets and get ready for this play to delight, disturb, and knock your socks off.

Barbara Yoshida