If You Didn't Put It There, Don't Touch It

A disappearance, four suspects, and a metaphysical shop. When Molly Clarkson, owner and manger of "Spot of Newt, Cauldrons Bubble"  Metaphysical and Wiccan-Supply Shop, goes missing, the detective from the state police precinct interrogates the three employees and one sandwich-eater who saw her last. As the afternoon turns to evening, and the question about where Molly is and who would want her gone goes unanswered, all are forced to face with what they know about each other, and whether we can believe the simple explanations at all. Exploring motive, opportunity, and the occult, If You Didn't Put It There, Don't Touch It is a site-specific production about the super-natural, the mystical, and the unexplainable. 

MOLLY, owner and daily manager of “Spot of Newt, Cauldrons Bubble” Metaphysical and Wiccan-Supply Shop, an undefinable age, female-identifying, queer; the one who “disappears” TAMARA, a tarot-card reader in the back room of “Spot of Newt, Cauldrons Bubble”, Molly’s oldest friend and former partner, female-identifying, an undefinable age, queer, BIPOC BLAIR, a part-time worker at “Spot of Newt”, was just hired last week, a student, female-identifying, early-twenties, deeply afraid of disappointment and the dark arts RIAN, a part-time worker at “Spot of Newt”, neighbor to Molly, seemingly does not buy into any of the occult or wiccan practices, firmly believes in the store making profit and nothing else, mid-twenties, female-identifying HARRY, a person experiencing homelessness, who lives on the street outside of “Spot of Newt, Cauldrons Bubble”, believes in the occult, suffers from some mental-health disorder that often manifests itself in outbursts and hallucinations, older, male-identifying DET. WELLINGTON, a detective investigating the disappearance and possible murder at the “Spot of Newt, Cauldrons Bubble”, hard-nosed, rough around the edges, knows the right questions to ask, thirties, male-identifying
Jake Alexander