HOPE HIGH, Class of 84' Part 2 -Playbook Series

HOPE HIGH, Class of 84’ PART 2 Moving Forward Synopsis: It’s a new school year and for the students of Hope High (formerly known as, Cedar City High)unexpected realizations, unlikely friendships, and secrets come to light. Auntie Sweet wins the lottery and opens up a new boutique, Uncle Kang has a new dilemma, Taco falls in love for real this time, and Jessica learns that she’s related to someone she’s despised for the past year. Once again, in the face of it all, these young people will go above and beyond themselves in the pursuit of discovering more about their hopes, dreams and the bonds of their community. 222 Pages Includes 20+ Characters. Great classroom read! For grades 6-12 www.VintageSoulProductions.com VintageSoulProductions©2017

Sharece M. Sellem