Funanya's Flowers, How Holding a Grudge Stopped a Village from Growing

GREAT ADDITION TO ANY STEM LESSON PLAN AND/OR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM! Synopsis 'Funanya's Flowers' is a story about a young girl who has a special role in her magical village in the sky and it teaches about the power of forgiveness. Though, Funanya, is feisty and stubborn she has a special touch...she can make flowers grow overnight! This play tells the story of how Funanya got angry with her friend, Ekundayo, for being clumsy while dancing with her and her sisters and how her grudge stopped the rain from pouring on the village. We learn about how forgiving and forgetting can play a major part in the flow of energy in one’s own community. 7 Scenes 30 pages For grades 2 and up 20+ Characters for a large scale school production!

Sharece M. Sellem