Five Women

Five Women is about women—real women, living real lives, in real relationships, using real dialogue. It spans approximately two years in the lives of five women doing their best to navigate life in New York. The play, which is moved forward using both heartbreak and humor, primarily deals with issues that are relevant to the general public (familial bonds, honest communication, forgiveness, love, hope, life/death, grief, suffering, loss, heartbreak). At the same time, Five Women handles subjects that are of special importance to women (mother-daughter relationships, sisterhood, sexual harassment/assault, unrealistic media images of beauty, and eating disorders). Also presented throughout Five Women is the timely subject of LGBTQ relationships, which is something that still must be positively covered in artistic creations to further educate the public and dispel harmful myths and stereotypes about those in the LGBTQ community.

Marilyn: woman, caucasian, early-40s, attorney Lauren: woman, caucasian, mid-20s, artist/painter Elaine: woman, caucasian, mid-60s, entrepreneur Chandra: woman, ethnically ambiguous, early-20s, fashion model Grace: woman, Asian-American, early-30s, attorney
Richie Abanes