The Dance Teacher

A dance teacher in a small town is accused of sexual interference with a minor. Did he do it? Was he coerced? Two detectives try and find out what exactly was the role of the dance teacher?

Justin Belmar - Mid 20's. Male. Dance instructor. Attractive. Mr. Taylor - 60's. Male. Former dance teacher. Detective Spinner - open age, open gender. Detective Mori - open age, open gender. Matt Kettel - Mid 30's. Blue collar. Friendly guy. Male. His son is taught by Justin. Marilyn Kettel - Mid 30's. Female. Her son is taught by Justin. Hard working. Smart. Practical. Has aspirations. Gail - university aged dancer. Female. First date of Justin. (can be played by same woman as Marilyn) Maurice - middle aged male. Justin's date. (Can be played by same man as Mr. Taylor) Angie - mid-twenties, reporter. open gender. Open ethnicity casting preferred. Double Casting Suggestions Mr Taylor and Maurice. Gail and Angie
Gerald Williams