The Courtship of Bullfrogs

On the eve of a big wedding, an shoreline Connecticut family looks back on their life, and the love that got them to that moment. As the evening darkens, and the pair of bullfrogs fill the night with their courting, John turns to his past to explain the choices that are being made, and the consequences they face as a family. A semi-autobiographical account of the playwright's own family, The Courtship of Bullfrogs explores the history that we share with one another, and whether the ties that bind really keep us together.

JOHN, early-20's, the son BRIDGET, late-50's, his mother CLAIRE, his twin sister LIZ, his older sister MARILYN, mid-80's, his grandmother MARGARET, early-50's, his aunt PAUL, early-60's, his father FRED, early-60's, his uncle UNCLE BEN, his great uncle, MARILYN's youngest brother
Jake Alexander