Aspirations of Eve

Eve Kline is of a particular generation as well as of a particular class.  Raised to be a wife and mother, taught that to ask for more out of life is to be, if not un-natural, then certainly ridiculous, she finds herself nearer the end than the beginning of life, without the education she had longed for, without a fulfilling career, without a partner’s support and relief, without children to provide purpose, and without energy, confidence, or direction. So, to George Elliot’s blithe statement, It is never too late to be what you might have been, Eve’s response might be: Don’t be an ass.  Of course it’s too late. 

Eve has come to Cambridge, to visit her daughter Lily who studies there on a post-graduate scholarship.  This exclusive university town, along with all it represents, amplifies Eve’s feelings of anger and shame.  She realizes that she envies Lily and the realization strikes like a rock to the temple.  Envy, to Eve, is the ugliest of sins, unspeakable, sickening.  And to envy one’s own child is akin to prolicide or, at the very least, the unbearable wish to see Lily brought low.  These unnatural desires throw Eve into a manic state in which she believes she has the ability to fix the world.

Cast of 8: 3 men; 5 women In Order of Appearance Adam Eve Lilith Eve Kline –American, age 60-ish Sean McCracken – porter at Queens’ College Lily Kline– Eve’s daughter; attending Cambridge on a fellowship Judith Shakespeare Will Shakespeare Dr. Abdi Bashir – Somali/English, physician Karl - German Ingrid -American Simone Byatt – undergraduate at Clare College, Cambridge Cecily Byatt – Simone’s mother; graduate of Clare College, Cambridge Charles Darwin Emma Darwin Minister Ancient Don Eve’s Mother Eve’s Father Policeman ********** Doubling roles: Eve (original)-Lily Lilith-Ingrid Adam-Karl Will-Karl Judith-Lily Darwin-Sean Emma-Cecily Minister-Abdi Ancient Don-Karl Mother-Ingrid Father-Karl Policeman-Karl
Karen Ackerman