And the Trees Fall Down

Two months after Hurricane Maria, a brother, a sister, and a tree guy gather at Abuela’s house in Puerto Rico for a Thanksgiving dinner of vodka, birthday cake, and an elegiac kind of nostalgia. Things turn tragic when a tree damaged by the hurricane injures Abuela and lands her in a Puerto Rican hospital without power or water. At the end of the play, the generator blows and she is abandoned—a lone island onstage. When she cries for help, no one comes. A heartbreaking, hilarious, and deeply human portrait of people and places left behind—of trees threatening to fall down, tractors ascending to heaven, the never-ending whirr of generators, the dull ache of aftermath, and how some people live with it (or don’t).

ISA—Rebecca Peña | ARMANDO—Gabriel Neumann | ROBERTO—Gabriel Acevedo | ABUELA/NURSE—Clara Tristán