McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship: Works in Progress Series (Night Two)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 7:00pm
The Southern Theater (1420 South Washington Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454)

About this event

Join us for new works in progress created by five McKnight Theater Artist Fellows, three from 2019-20 and two from 2021-22. This event is an opportunity for these artists to lead the creation of brand new performance pieces with local and national collaborators. It will be hosted at the Southern Theater.

(This event is night two of a series and features one new work in progress. Click here to view details for night one.)


"Sounds Inside"

In a new project led by Writer/Director/Designer Kate Sutton-Johnson (McKnight Theater Artist Fellow 2019-20), a blank space becomes mapped with memory and meaning. Like emerging fossils, boundaries and tracings of life overlay, revealing both the mundane and the strange in the intersections of myriad women. A dark, dreamlike space gradually shape shifts—quiets—and intimate, personal mythologies make way for a vast wilderness of feminine power.​​

Collaborator Credits:

  • Kate Sutton-Johnson: Writer / Director
  • Cat Brindisi: Assistant Director / Choreographer
  • Tamara Ober: Dance Consultant
  • Kevin Springer: Sound Designer
  • Aaron Gabriel: Composer
  • Alyssa Isaacson: Stage Manager


  • Vinecia Coleman
  • Kim Kivens
  • Dexieng Yang
  • Dana Lee Thompson
Class type: 
In-person (MSP)