McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship: Works in Progress Series (Night One)

Monday, June 27, 2022 - 7:00pm
The Southern Theater (1420 South Washington Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454)

Join us for new works in progress created by five McKnight Theater Artist Fellows, three from 2019-20 and two from 2021-22. This event is an opportunity for these artists to lead the creation of brand new performance pieces with local and national collaborators. It will be hosted at the Southern Theater.

(This event is night one of a series and features three new works in progress. Click here to view details for night two.)

"What's Going On"

This work in progress centers the music of Marvin Gaye's most iconic and beloved album as a launching pad into an exploration of what’s happening, what’s going on, and invites us to consider what’s next. Conceived by T. Mychael RamboK. Anoa Monsho, and Elizabeth MacNally, this work, like the album itself, is a radical departure from the artists' familiar work.

T. Mychael Rambo: Performer (McKnight Theater Artist Fellow 2021-22)

Elizabeth MacNally: Director (McKnight Theater Artist Fellow 2021-22)

  • K. Anoa Monsho: Writer
  • T. Mychael Rambo: Co-writer
  • Sanford Moore: Musical Director
  • Daryl Boudreaux: Percussionist



Dawdle, a down-and out vaudeville performer, decides to quit the biz only to wake up the next morning to discover Waddle, a giant baby, on their doorstep. The two become a sensation as a duo act, but face challenges as Waddle grows older and yearns to discover their own path. The piece is performed by a six-member ensemble, with Dawdle and Waddle played by different members of the ensemble.

Book and lyrics by Jim Lichtscheidl (McKnight Theater Artist Fellow 2019-20), original music by Robert Elhai.


  • Jordan Leggett
  • Kim Schultz



A movement-theater piece exploring how trauma lives in and moves through the Asian American female body, by Sun Mee Chomet (McKnight Theater Artist Fellow 2019-20).

  • Magnolia Yang Sao Yia: Choreographer and collaborator:
  • Kathy Maxwell: Projection Artist
Class type: 
In-person (MSP)