Things With Friends

Playwright Kristoffer Diaz. He has his hands clasped together in front of his face, covering his mouth
An audio experience by Kristoffer Diaz
Online only: Friday, March 18 at 7:00 p.m.

Manhattan. Burt and Adele are hosting a dinner party. Steak is on the stove. The George Washington Bridge has collapsed into the Hudson. Kristoffer Diaz has written a play about it. I've already said too much.

From Playwright Kristoffer Diaz: “I started writing this play after Hurricane Sandy shut New York City's subways (and therefore New York City) down for a few days in 2012. It reminded me that New York is a magical marvel of engineering, and the fact that it can even function is a shockingly fragile miracle, which reminded me that the same is true of the United States, which reminded me that the same is true of the world. Then I remembered that somehow people still have dinner parties in the face of all that.”

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