Workshop (Online): Intro to Screenwriting

Taught by Jerome Fellow Sofya Levitsky-Weitz
July 13 & July 14
$100/Members, $125/Non-Members (payment plans available)

Class Type: Beyond the Play, Class Level: All Experience Levels Welcome

Join us for a special 8-hour seminar over two days introducing you to screenwriting:

July 13, 2019: 12:00pm - 5:00pm (CST)

July 14, 2019: 2:00pm - 5:00pm (CST)

“The first thing you need is an idea, an idea that you fall in love with. The idea tells you the mood you choose for the characters, how the characters talk. It tells you the story, it shows you all the details, and so all you have to do is stay true to that idea.”— David Lynch

This weekend seminar, with Jerome Fellow Sofya Levitsky-Weitz, will explore the writing of short films and feature length screenplay structure, emphasizing the importance of imagination, creativity, and emotional arc. You will investigate elements of character, theme, plot, structure, formatting, voice, and more through readings, viewings, and your own work. Participants will finish class with a draft of a short film script or a full synopsis/start to a feature. 

This is the Seminar for you if:

  • You want to draw connections between playwrights and screenwriters
  • You have an idea for a short film or feature length screenplay
  • You want an intensive exploration of screenwriting. 

PostScript: Sofya is currently working on a feature project with Michael Showalter for Fox Searchlight films as well as a project adapting Joan Didion essays with Sarah Gubbins for Big Beach and Hulu.

Questions? Email Education Coordinator, H. Adam Harris, at

Sofya Levitsky-Weitz
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