PlayPenn 2016 Conference - deadline extended to October 2nd

2016 Conference Application Guidelines

PlayPenn's annual conference takes place over a two-and-a-half-week period each July in Philadelphia. The conference includes workshops and readings of six plays, additional readings of up to three works-in-progress, forums for artists, and a symposium on new play development issues.

Chaos and blindfolds

Affiliated Writer Martín Zimmerman posted a great article on his site about, among other things, writing blindfolded as a way to unlock the flow of his writing. 

Nathan then talked about how contemporary word-processing software often makes the words you type look like a published book as you put them on the screen, and that this visual impression of creating the final product as they type can put tremendous pressure on writers, causing them to clam up.

#RightsWeek series: intellectual property and theater artists

The week of July 14-17, Samuel French and HowlRound are presenting a series of panels for theater artists on intellectual property topics. All panels will be live-streamed at

Topics covered:

  • Owning your work
  • Sharing your work
  • Publishing your work
  • Piracy in the digital arg

HowlRound TV will also archive the videos. Head over to HowlRound for the details.

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