1 week 4 days ago

Hannah Benitez is at the Playwrights' Center this week, workshopping Adaptive Radiation with director Jon Ferguson; 

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Sun Mee Chomet and Megan Burns in Rachel Jendrzejewski's ENCYCLOPEDIA, part of the 2015-16 Ruth Easton New Play Series
2 weeks 5 days ago

Since our founding in 1971, the Playwrights’ Center has been imagining theater forward. We'll be celebrating our 45th year all season long, including with a conversation series called #Theater2060 discussing how theater will change over the next 45

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2 weeks 6 days ago

Core Writer Rachel Jendrzejewski is workshopping Early Morning Song at the Playwrights' Center this week, in advance of its

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Vanessa Garcia, photo by Ozzie Rodriguez
3 weeks 6 days ago

Vanessa Garcia is at the Playwrights' Center this week, working on her play 1000 Miles with director Joel Sass, dramaturg Michael Kinghorn, and actors Megan Burns, Michael Wieser*, Austene

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