ONLINE Seminar: Writing your Manifesto

Taught by Core Writer & McKnight Fellow Stacey Rose
Monday March 30 from 6-8:30pm CST
$10 for Member, $20 for Non-Members

This class is ONLINE ONLY. Monday, March 30: 6pm - 8:30pm

Class Type: Beyond the Play Class Level: All Experience Levels Welcome

"When in doubt, or feeling unworthy, or feeling jealous/unpick't, or feeling great: Have a meal. Drink some water. Call a friend. Take a nap. Cry. Scream ... and when you're done, write.”Stacey Rose

The Manifesto In Flux: Manifestos as a means of setting and re-setting artistic intentions.

Are you in need of a creative re-boot? Maybe you need to write a manifesto! Manifestos, by nature, require deep introspection and self-evaluation, which creates the ability to set clear intentions. The creative manifesto is a declaration of artistic intention. In setting this intention we inherently must challenge our current thinking and opt for a new direction. In setting this new direction, we’re automatically called on to make different choices. The manifesto is the sacrament with which we embolden and affirm these choices. The effort mustn’t stop here. To avoid artistic stagnancy, we must be willing to regularly re-evaluate our position to ensure the missions set forth within our manifestos still match the needs and values of the artists and communities we serve. Our manifestos must live in flux.

Stacey Rose will lead a writing exercise and conversation on how manifestos can allow for clearer personal artistic goals as well as serve for a means of seeding an equitable theatrical landscape. Please bring with you your computers or notebooks.

This is the Seminar for you if:

  • You are seeking inspiration for another year of writing
  • You want to better articulate your vision and artistic intention
  • You are interested in some self-reflection on your work

PostScript: Check out this interview with Stacey about the inspiration behind her newest work on trap music with the Civilians. 

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