Online Workshop: Cezanne on Broadway/Process-Oriented Playwriting

Jessica Huang
Feb. 5 - Mar. 12
$200 for Members, $250 for Non Members (payment plans are available)

Class Type: The Play Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced (Self-Identify)

Classes take place Online Only:

Tuesdays, February 5 - March 12, 2019 6:00pm - 8:30pm (CST)

We use Zoom for all of our Onlne Classes, check out this quick video on the process. 

"[Process oriented artists] consider the production of a painting as a process of searching, in which they aim to discover the image in the course of making it; they typically believe that learning is a more important goal than making finished paintings." - David W. Galenson

Malcom Gladwell describes two types of painters - Picassos, who begin with their final image in mind, for whom painting is putting that image on canvas, and Cezannes, for whom art-making is a process of discovery, who might sketch and paint dozens, hundreds of images until they find the painting they’re seeking. The same can be said for playwrights, some begin with a clear story in mind, and some allow their story to develop over time. Join Jessica Huang - a self-proclaimed Cezanne - as she helps you fully express your process of discovery, and still make deadlines, communicate to producers, and finish a play you’re proud of. Through the 6-week course, you will participate in a structured discovery process that uses free-writing, sketching, beats, and multiple mini-drafts to give you the freedom to explore, and results in a producer-ready draft that meets the needs of our increasingly product-oriented industry.

This is the class for you if you:

  • Are facing a deadline but still in the experimentation phase of your process
  • Need a method that allows you to discover your play organically but still meet the needs of collaborators and producers
  • Are overwhelmed by your play’s many possibilities and need a process to help you find the right path

PostScript: Jessica is member of the 2018 - 2019 R&D Group of The Civillians, a company dedicated to creating new work by investigating the present. The R&D group pairs artists to work on a process-oriented collobaration on a topic of their choice.

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Jessica Huang
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